On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thanks all our donors anonymous and non anonymous alike, contributors and supporters for their generous help and donations!  It really shows what a truly amazing community we are part of, you are all stars! Also check our amazing list of sponsors that are also helping make our event happend HERE

Monthly Continuous Donors

Paul Richardson @havochaos




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Donors List


@bridgette_boody $150
@clovertwombley $100
@corymarchand $100
@DanzenKen $127.01
@infosecxual , $20
@securityhodor $100
@ShellsbySethi $100
@tsiolkovsky $100
@voodoogeek $105
Alexander Huszagh $150
Andrew Walton @awalton $500
bV @BillWeiss
Corsin @cocaman $128
El Jefe @ElJefeDSecurIT
Glenn @ntkramer $150
Jarett @JK47TheWeapon
Jay Tuley @jbtule $102
Jim Troutman @troutman $150
Josh Becigneul @vsnined
Kathleen Fitzgerald ‪@rnbwkat‬ $100
KMFT @daoist $100
Marcelle Lee @marcelle_fsg‬ $100
Martin Boller @martinboller $20
MikiD @theDawgCr8 $350
Noel @s1r3nn $100
Paul Richardson @havochaos
Ray Watson @rayjwatson
Richard Westmoreland @rswestmoreland
Susan Peediyakkal @v33na
Steve R @pidooma $100
Willa Riggins @willasaywhat
Abe Snowman
Andrea Little Limbago
Bridgette Boody
Ben Strozykowski
Christanya Gordon
Chunky Monkey Sports Cards
Clover Twombley
c00p3r $101
Cory Marchand
Daniel Roberson
David Riley
Eric S. Smith
Greg Bowman
Ian Coldwater
Jared Allen
John Andersen
John Ives
John Rademan $30
Jeff Records
Marie-Lynn Richard
Michelle Middleton
Mike “Shecky” Kavka
Mark Pietrasanta
Nick and Becca Scheiblauer $101
Patrick Connelly
Rachid Jeitani
Rik Kershaw-Moore $100
Robert Burns $100
Roberts Burns
Sal M
The Hackers at SecHops
TryCatchHCF $200
DC801 Member
Dumby loves TDI!
Celebrating diversity with Miki Lee- S1r3nn
I’ll be with you in spirit, my sisters!
s7a73farm was here 🙂


Board, Staff,  Commitees, Contributors


@3ncr1pt3d : Chair, CFP, Advisor & more
@ngree_H0bit : Co-chair, CFP, Advisor
@secitup : COO, Advisor
@O3Awesomesauce; Deputy COO
@wanderlust_L0st : Secretary, Advisor
@fl3uryz : Treasurer, Soc Media, Advisor
@drbearsec : Advisor
@74rku5 : Volunteers Commitee, Advisor
@b1un7 : Badge Commitee, Advisor
@realtinehnimjeh : Entertainment DJ
@rayjwatson : Donations Advisor
@baybe_doll & jmgosney:badges 2017
@gavinpsmith : logo 2017, super-heroine 2018


More TBA…


Founders@3ncr1pt3d @fl3uryz @ngree_H0bit @wanderlust_L0st @drbearsec


The Diana Initiative is a non-profit corporation registered in Las Vegas Nevada, and is exempt from tax under 501(c)3. Any donations that were made after July 17, 2017 are tax deductible.



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