Information Security is a constantly changing and evolving field. One of the best ways for us as a community to support those up-and-coming into our industry is to encourage students to attend InfoSec conferences, like The Diana Initiative. Because of this, we decided to offer Student Scholarships for our 2019 event. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community, we collected enough donations to sponsor 9 students to attend #DianaInitiative2019!


Meet our 2019 Student Scholars:
[Billy Hazley]
… more coming soon…

Questions regarding our Student Scholarships can be directed to [].

Donations for 2019 Student Scholarships closed on 30 June 2019.

Donation details

We can’t make these Scholarships happen without your help. If you would like to donate toward enabling a deserving student to attend The Diana Initiative, please complete the donation form below. Custom amounts are welcomed, however we ask for at least $100.

For every $900 we receive, another student will have their hotel room covered and get to experience The Diana Initiative, learn to solder, connect with mentors in the InfoSec community, take part in a Capture the Flag competition, and possibly find their niche in this field.

For our first year, we’ve set a goal to enable 3 students to attend The Diana Initiative. The InfoSec Family has generously stepped up, and we’ve received enough to cover 8 students! Thank you to everyone who has donated!

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Scholarship details

Scholarships include:
1) An entry badge for The Diana Initiative 2019
2) Hotel accommodations (arranged by TDI) for 4 nights

Scholarships DO NOT include travel to/from Las Vegas, NV; meals; or any additional funds or benefits.

Scholarships are available to all students, regardless of race, gender, orientation, or current education program.

In order to qualify for a Student Scholarship to The Diana Initiative, applicants must be a student (high school, college, university, or other certificate program) with an interest in Information Security as a career. 2019 high school graduates should be planning to attend post-secondary education at some point within the remainder of 2019.

Applicants under 18 years old, if selected to receive a Scholarship, will be required to provide their legal guardians’ contact information, as the guardian will be required to agree to all the conditions. In addition, the guardian will need to accompany and be held responsible for the under 18 Scholarship winner. The guardian will receive an entry ticket to our conference, and will share a hotel room with the winner.

At this time, Applications for the Scholarships are closed and currently in review. Winners will be notified by email beginning mid-June.