Our mission is to:
Encourage diversity and support women who want to pursue careers in information security,
Promote diverse and supportive workplaces, and
Help change workplace cultures.

It was the summer of 2015. Hackers from around the world had gathered in Las Vegas, NV for DEF CON 23. In the cafeteria tucked away in the basement of Bally’s and Paris, 9 women found themselves chatting and laughing about their experiences in the field of Information Security. They were all passionate about their challenging roles in the male-dominated field and began exchanging strategies for success in their challenging environments. It was then and there that they accepted their new mission: to create a conference for all those who identify as women/non binaries, and to help them meet the challenges that come with being a woman in Information Security with resilience, strength and determination.

The first event in 2016 began with a morning speaking track and an afternoon of lockpicking and badge soldering in a small suite at Bally’s, bringing attendees together in a collaborative, comfortable setting. Interest and attendance showed that demand for a woman-focused InfoSec conference existed.

In 2017, The Diana Initiative was formed and the conference expanded to cover almost 2 days – with speakers on the evening of the first day, as well as the entire second day. There was also a hands-on opportunity for learning about lockpicking, a Career village, and fun contests.

During the summer of 2018, The Diana Initiative conference soared in popularity. But with this incredible growth and popularity, the space still couldn’t meet the demand, as attendees were continuously turned away due to over capacity of all the suites.

This year’s conference is even bigger and better than ever, with multiple conference rooms at the Westin Las Vegas. We’ll have enough room for multiple speaker tracks, fully expanded villages and workshops, and a Capture the Flag event. Stay up to date with our event by following us on Twitter [@dianainitiative].

Even as we continue to grow, our mission and focus remain clear: to provide attendees the opportunity to network and collaborate with a unique and diverse community. We recognize the sense of empowerment and validation that comes with shared experiences. At the Diana Initiative we understand that we can Believe and Achieve – Together!

The Diana Initiative is a non-profit corporation registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and is exempt from tax under 501(c)(3).

EIN : 82-2173128

The Diana Initiative Inc
8465 W Sahara Avenue Suite 111-585
Las Vegas NV 89117