“It takes a village…”

Every year, The Diana Initiative continues to grow, thanks to the help of so many volunteers.

Founders / Board

Some of the Diana Initiative founding members: @fl3uryz, @3ncr1pt3d, @Ngree_H0bit, and Elizabeth

2019-2020 Board:

Chair: Virginie Robbins (@fl3uryz)
Secretary: Alissa (@dnsprincess)
Treasurer: Virginie
Advisors: Cheryl (@3ncr1pt3d), Michael (@drbearsec), Pablo (@ngree-hobit)

Volunteer Team

COO – Planning: Nicole (@CircuitSwan)
COO – Event: Simonisa (@brownunikorn) & Bridgette (@bridgette_boody)

Registration: Tabatha (@tabdido) with help from Ali (@ComradeEevee) & Rebecca (@amaya30)

Tech: BLuəf0x (@c_hufstetler)

Volunteers: Alissa (@dnsprincess) with help from Laticia (@LaticiaCarrow)

Safety: Miki Demeter (@theDawgCr8) with help from Casey

Sponsors and Fundraising support: Joe (@C_3Pjoe) and Ray (@RayRedacted)

CFP Chairs: Bree & Michael (@drbearsec)
CFP Reviewers: Marcelle (@marcellelee), Cheryl, Miki, Emily (@Hecadecim8), BLuəf0x

Speaker Mentoring: Cheryl, with help from Nicole, Lidia (@pinktangent), Miki, and Susan (@v33na)

Speaker/Trainer Ops: Olivia (@OliviaCurls)

Soldering Village: Chris (@TechGirlMN), with help from Bridgette and Rego (@RegoHitsaru)

Career Village: Carlota (@carlotasage)

CTF: Marcelle (@marcellelee), with help from TinkerFairy (@tinkerfairy_net), BLuəf0x, and Paulina (@snekxer)

Student Scholarships: Nicole, with help from Rebecca

Website: Sunfire (@chillSunfire)
Social Media: Meg (@m_egan11), Emily, Dylan (@DylanCodes), and Paulina
Logo & Branding: Melanie (@1dark0ne)

Badges: Chris (@TechGirlMN)

Swag & Gifts: Emily, with help from Amanda (@itsaMiri)

Staff and Volunteers at Diana Initiative 2019; photo credit @rnbwkat