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Our CFP is now closed


Thank you to all CFP submitters, quality and quantity of submissions has been incredible.

Notification for second round will be sent out on May 7th.

For any cfp questions, email

Hope to see you all in Vegas for a great line up!


Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission Title
  2. Speaker Name(s)
  3. Speaker Email (this is how we will contact you) Hidden from reviewers
  4. Speaker biography (150 words or less per speaker) Hidden from reviewers
  5. Abstract for your talk (200 words or less) Please refrain from including identifying information
  6. Detailed talk outline Please refrain from including identifying information
  7. Whether this would be your first speaking engagement at a conference
  8. Whether this talk has been previously given at another conference
  9. Shirt Size
  10. Equipment Needs (beyond internet access and AV equipment)

If the submission is missing any of the above items, it will not be accepted. The Diana Initiative reserves the right to throw out papers in which the author’s personal information is contained in the abstract or detailed outline.

We will do our best to accommodate equipment needs, but presenters are responsible for any equipment beyond internet access and A/V equipment provided.

Topics covered

  • Tracks: There will be two tracks, one technical, one non-technical.
  • Time slots: Speakers get to choose 20 minute or 50 minute slots

Important Dates

  • Febuary 15th, 2018: Call For Papers Opens
  • March 15th, 2018: First Round closes
  • March 30th, 2018: First Round notifications sent
  • April 30th, 2018: Second Round closes
  • May 7th, 2018: Second Round notifications sent

Review Process

Each submitted talk will be double-blind reviewed (the reviewers do not see the author names and the authors do not see their reviewer names) by a committee of dedicated reviewers.

A final group of core conference staff will make a final judgement on each talk based on the comments provided by the double-blind review panel. Reviewers score talks based on a number of criteria included, but not limited to:

  • Detail of submission
  • Novelty of the talk
  • Whether the talk has been given previously
  • Whether the talk has been recorded previously

We offer two submission rounds for talks. The Diana Initiative believes in feedback and education as part of the CFP process. With that in mind, we will send out clear acceptance and rejection letters at the end of each round, which will include feedback from reviewers.

If your talk is not accepted in the first round, we strongly encourage you to rework your talk and resubmit in the second round.

Resources for Writing CFP Submissions

CFP Chairs:

Pablo Breuer @Ngree_H0bit

Cheryl Biswas @3ncr1pt3d


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