Our Capture the Flag event (CTF) is a great place to meet friends, shell a server for the first time, or compete to win. This on-site Jeopardy-style CTF features challenges from cryptograms to lateralization and a full difficulty range. Experienced CTF players, hackers, and security folks will be available to offer encouragement, teach skills, and answer questions.

CTF challenge categories include OSINT, lockpicking, soldering, web application and binary exploitation, network discovery, and more. Shout out to the Lockpick Village and Soldering Village for their collaboration!

Hacking is better together! We encourage team play, with no team size limit. Bring your friends or join up with the other folks at your table. Simply sign up one account per team and share the credentials with your teammates. Arrangements you may make to include off-site players are none of our knowledge or concern; we will only be supporting on-site play.

Our CTF does not require pre-registration, and is open to all Diana Initiative attendees.

Each table will have a power strip and one Ethernet connection. WiFi will also be available. Tip: bring a small network switch to enable table-level networking.


Friday, 9 August 2019
9:00AM – 12:00PM – CTF4NOOBZ Workshop **
12:00PM – Team registration opens; Game begins
10:00PM – CTF room closes for the evening

Saturday, 10 August 2019
9:00AM – CTF room re-opens
– Game ends, winners determined


The workshop is separate from the rest of the CTF event. Workshop is not required to compete in the CTF. Workshop requires registration, but is currently sold out. However, there will be an ON-SITE wait list. Stop by Registration early Friday morning to get on this list.